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You have questions concerning purchasing or owning a DFY Website, and we have answers. If you don’t see the answer to your questions, our doors are always open to address any other concerns you may have, just contact us below. In the mean time, let’s get to the diamonds!

We currently only build WordPress websites, but we can build Shopify and WooCommerce websites in a case-by-case scenario. We don’t guarantee that we can take on any custom project because of our workload, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Our DFY websites can be monetized with AdSense, Amazon Affiliate Products, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Programs, Affiliate Landing Pages, eCommerce, Dropshipping, Freelancing, Legal, or Brick & Mortar Businesses. If you don’t see what you’re looking for after viewing our DFY Websites portfolio or our Pre-Production website portfolio, let us know what you’re looking for; we’re likely to have it on deck already.

These websites are not monetized; doing so would take them out of the “DFY Website” category and push them into the “Income Producing Websites” category; this would also mean the pricing structure would change dramatically.

For example, the standard rule of thumb for selling income-producing websites is multiplying the monthly revenue by 24 to 36.

That means, if a website is generating $1000.00 per month, you would expect to pay roughly $24k to $36k. With Pro Site Flippers, you’re getting the opportunity to grab hot money-making niches, start generating income and then explore your options.

When your website starts making money, numerous options become available. You can keep the site as a stream of income, possibly evolving it into an authority website, which means your cash flow will be in the $3000.00 + per month range.

You can add more sites and build a portfolio of income-producing websites. Many investors are taking this path and are enjoying better returns than their stock market efforts with equal investments.

Additionally, once your site is making the prerequisite amount of income, you can sell it on one of the reputable website brokerage companies such as: (1). FEInternational.com (2). EmpireFlippers.com (3). Latonas.com

We do have clients who purchase sites from us and flip them. Their game plan is centered around building backlinks, increasing the site DA, PA, mRank, mDom, and then selling the sites based on having ranked multiple keywords per page and hundreds of keywords per website.

The answer is, “No!” If we did, the price structure would increase dramatically! The websites’ objective is to put you in a position to hit the ground running to monetize the website and immediately move towards launching your digital marketing campaigns.

Yes, all our websites are indexed. As you may know, launching a new website means that you may potentially land in the proverbial Google sandbox.

That is the punishment new sites can face that typically lasts between 1 to 6 months. With Pro Site Flippers, you avoid that frustrating Google punishment because your site is already indexed.

No, all of our domains are aged; you can see the domain age on the website’s information page.

Each of our DFY websites comes with keyword packages that have been carefully vetted for your success; they provide a combination of keywords that are easy to moderate to rank. Some sites have a few keywords that are hard to rank but worth the effort.

The answer is they could be, but we do not guarantee any keyword rankings. If we did, the overall price of each website would increase significantly. Remember, you purchase our DFY websites to save time, money, and energy. All you must do now is start your digital marketing campaign.


All our DFY Websites include On-Page SEO. We use a combination of the plugin Rank Math and our proprietary On-Page Optimizer; Google, Bing, and Yahoo are going to love your content.

DA refers to the Domain Authority of a website, and PA refers to the individual Page Authority on a website. The score is graded from 1 to 100; the higher the score, the greater chance you have of outranking your competition.

The answer to your question is, our websites might have DA and PA, but we do not guarantee it. The good news is we built each website to make building DA and PA a no-brainer.

Each of our websites is unique, meaning that the total numbers of targeted keywords with each website will be different. That stated, you will have more than enough keywords to generate $1000.00+ in monthly income.

The four primary ways to get traffic to your website will be Organic SEO, PPC Ads, Social Media, and Owned Media. If you are employing all of the four primary methods, you are making bank!

Yes, each DFY website includes an aged domain name. Some of our domain names are EMDs Exact Match Domains, while others are Highly Brandable Domains. For the domains with a monetary value attached, we include an Estibot.com evaluation at no additional cost.

We have an extensive portfolio of high-value domain names (over 10,000) that can be linked to any profitable niche you can think of. Contact us with your details.

No, hosting is not included but we can make accommodations for clients at an additional cost. You can purchase hosting through us or move your website to your hosting account.

Yes, you can; currently, we have waived the migration fee, but that may change at any moment based on our workload. Be advised; we DO NOT migrate websites to these three hosting companies. (1). Any hosting company owned by EIG, Endurance International Group. (2). Hostwinds. (3). GoDaddy.

Click the link Hosting Company Reviews to learn why we do no migrate our DFY Websites to those hosting companies.

No, you do not! All our WordPress based websites are designed and built with the prolific Page Builder, Elementor Pro. It is one of the best and most intuitive WordPress Page Builders on the market.

We use Elementor Pro because our clients find it is easy to learn, plus they don’t need to engage in any coding. The only time you may need coding is “IF” you are doing something extraordinary, which is extremely rare. That stated you will do great with Elementor Pro.

We tested other Page Builders such as WPBakery, Beaver Builder, DIVI, and Page Builder Sandwich and found they could not hold up to Elementor Pro.

No, we do not because Elementor does a fantastic job providing the training users need to get up to speed. You can find their tutorials at Elementor.com, or you can view them on YouTube.

The beautiful thing is your website is already designed; all you need to learn is the simple task of adding additional pages and posts.

All our transactions go through Escrow.com. We do not use PayPal, Bitcoin, or any other form of payment. Escrow.com accepts American Express, Mastercard, PayPal, and Wire Transfers.

DULY NOTE: Escrow.com does prohibit some countries from transacting business on their platform. Follow the below links to learn about Escrow.com.

Payment Options
Buying DFY Websites
Fee Calculator

Yes, but the transaction fee is factored into the price already, which means that the price you see will not increase.

The Internet is ripe with fraudsters, schemers, and people who want something for nothing. It is common for people to purchase high-end products and then dispute the charges; on PayPal, people win fraudulent cases. Esrow.com protects all parties involved.

After deciding which website you want, click the “Buy It Now” button, and you will be taken directly to Escrow.com to begin the transaction.

With all things being equal, you can complete your transaction in 72 hours or less. It depends on your form of payment being ready to go and going through the fraud verification process.

No, all our websites are customized. That means the word count will be different; the design will be different; some websites may have social media accounts, videos, and banners, others may not. Each listing will spell out what comes with the website.

Pro Site Flippers is wholly owned by Conscience Collaborations, LLC, one of the premier business building companies in the United States of America. If you need help with obtaining business funding, building business credit, or getting Entrepreneurial help, that’s where you go!

We require viewers to be logged in to view private information on all our listings. It’s 100% free to join, and members receive detailed information for each website.

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