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Welcome to Pro Site Flippers, where we build online success stories!


Someone once said, “Only Entrepreneurs Understand Entrepreneurs…” At Pro Site Flippers, as Entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges you are encountering because we have face them.

As (you) continue to grow, build and excel, we recognize that the challenges, obstacles, failures, hard lessons, thought-provoking experiences, and benchmark victories will infinitely exist.

To that end, our objective is to lighten your load, to make your Entrepreneurial journey less arduous by setting you up with HVVPs, High-Value Virtual Properties. These properties come in two forms: Income Generating and Monetization Ready.

High-Value Virtual Properties

Warren Buffet

Each website is ready to go when the deal is closed, and the ownership of the High-Value Virtual Property is legally transferred over to you through Escrow.

At that point, you can immediately monetize your High-Value Virtual Property and begin the process of driving traffic utilizing the four-point digital marketing attack.

Because your website is ready to go, you saved months of blood, sweat, tears, toiling to build a website and Brand from scratch. You also saved yourself a TON of money! Investing in a High-Value Virtual Property is a moment you will relish forever.

We Are Committed To You!

Our Goal Is To Empower Entrepreneurs and Business Owners To Build Online Empires And Business Legacies That Stand The Tests of Time

Our Vision & Mission

Pro Site Flippers is a comprehensive solution for Entrepreneurs and business owners who aspire to build a successful online business.

We work tirelessly to make significant contributions to your online development on a global scale.

Our mission is to radically simplify the process of building, launching, and maintaining a profitable online business.

We succeed in our mission by resolving the most common and complex challenges you will encounter on the World Wide Web. As a result, Pro Site Flippers has evolved into a driving force for those driven to achieve.

Internet Marketing Team

Our Leadership Team


Robert Morris

Founder & CEO

Too many Entrepreneurs start their arduous journey alone; I was one of them; I decided to make sure others have a razor sharp team they can count on.


William Raymond

Chief Financial Officer

Running a tight ship helps us keep costs down and makes our products and services affordable at all levels.


Gillis Triplett

SEO Director

As a certified Geek, I live, eat, and breath SEO; in this business, Search Engine Optimization is the electrical current that empowers your online profits, and we have the juice!

Director SEO

David Abraham

SEO Analyst​

SEO is my life! I love analyzing data and finding solutions to complex SEO issues; you won’t find a better SEO team than ours! To your success!


Ron Paul


Coding is my life; HTML 5, CSS, CS6, JavaScript Libraries, jQuery Library; whatever the issue, we have a code to fix it, make it better, or create it from scratch!

Arun Patel

Arun Patel

WordPress Development

I fell in love with WordPress back in 2003 when it launched and have never looked back; it is the absolute best CMS in the world; let’s build your dream!

Glenn Bruce

Glenn Bruce

Graphic Design Director

One day, I will be the next Picasso; until then, I enjoy creating eye-catching masterpieces that your clients can’t help but admire.

Pro Site Flippers is owned by Conscience Collaborations, a business incubator hub for promising Entrepreneurs; helping aspiring business people obtain success is what we live for.

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