We Build Monetization Ready High-Value Virtual Properties

What Are Income Generating
High-Value Virtual Properties?

These are income-producing websites sold on platforms such as Empire Flippers, Latonas, QuietLight, and FE International. These High-Value Virtual Properties can be priced anywhere from a low $12k into the millions!

Let's Get Into It!

Income Generating High-Value Virtual Properties have become investor’s dreams come true. Depending on the platform offering the website, each virtual property goes through a strenuous vetting process to confirm past and present income and to chart future potential income. The beautiful thing about these properties is that they are proven winners.

Why Have HVVPs Become
Dreams Come True?

Most of them are setup to generate incredible incomes without the challenges and costs involved with brick-and-mortar operations. In many cases, no products are stocked; they are drop shipped, and these operations can be run with a skeleton crew of employees.

Some of the sites are advertising portals that make huge incomes from AdSense, and other Display Advertising platforms. We have websites in our portfolio that have been generating passive income since 2006. Now and then, we add additional backlinks and freshen up the content, nothing major, but those income generating sites still rank and bank.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Affiliate sites that generate incredible incomes by referring people to monetized offers through referral links. Affiliate programs such as Amazon are quietly making the affiliates RICH!

Look at this Amazon Affiliate site, Tom’s Hardware. This Income Generating High -Value Virtual Property has over 1.5 million pages indexed in Google. Their monthly visitor count is around 20 million visitors per month; in other words, they are killing it!

Look at these stats tracked by SimiliarWeb.

Toms SimilarWeb Analytics

I only used one example, but I could show you countless sites like, TopTenReviews.com, OutdoorGearLab.com, FootballSnackHelmets.com, and LongboardReviews.net. These HVVPs are producing millions in Affiliate fees every month.

In addition to Amazon, there are numerous Affiliate platform programs such as Commission Junction, ClickBank, Impact, and ShareASale. Once you learn their policies, you can earn substantial passive income streams. Take a look at some of the latest Income Generating High-Value Virtual Properties listed by the guys at Empire Flippers.

Income Generating

Do you see those selling prices?

Seven million? Five million Four Million?

Astounding right?

Now, imagine if you owned a website like the ones in those listings? What if you own multiple sites? In terms of selling or not selling, either way, you win; if you keep the sites, you have steady income; if you sell the sites, you get a lump sum payout. Income generating sites are creating the next large stream of millionaires.

Now think this through, all those web properties started from scratch and were methodically and strategically SEO optimized to produce those types of income.

What’s stopping you from building sites like these? What’s preventing you from finding a lucrative niche, finding profitable keywords that enable that niche to generate four, five, and six figures every month?

Here is the reality check of the things you must learn and acquire:

The Learning Curve To Build
Income Generating Websites

It would take you months to learn all of the required skills to build a single HVVP. Just know, you will make a ton of mistakes; it comes with the territory, which means it may take longer. If you pick the wrong niche or the wrong keywords, you are burnt toast!

And what about the content? Finding great content providers is extremely arduous; you need them because writing content yourself is not an option unless you are a prolific writer. But, let’s say you are an awesome literary scion; are you up for writing 30k words about the top ten solid-state drives? And then arranging the on-page SEO?

If not, you are, once again, burnt toast!

In the meantime, the subscriptions’ costs are adding up every 30-days. If you hit a technical glitch or miss a critical aspect, you will still be charged those monthly fees. It is not uncommon to payout $1,500 to $3000 to subscription services while figuring out how to build a winner.

Here’s the solution, stop wasting time and money! We’ve completed all the hard work for you; you can save thousands of dollars by acquiring Monetization Ready Affiliate sites, Business sites, Product Sites, and Custom Sites; start building your portfolio TODAY!

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