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Building a Website From Scratch

Building a website from scratch is not a task for the faint of heart.

This session is not designed to discourage anyone, only to state the facts and prepare you for what’s ahead. To build a website that can attract the search engines, magnetically draw people in droves, and then generate leads, followers, members, sales, and income, specific elements must be in place.

Emphasis is on “MUST!”

Websites that are missing the prerequisite elements may get a smidgen of traffic and make a little money (if they are lucky), but most will likely never see one cent of income. Look at the statistics provided by Ahrefs to establish where that thought process was born.

Ahrefs Search Traffic Study

Think of it like this – building a website from scratch is a lot like building a high rise in Los Angeles. There are earthquake codes, fire codes, sprinkler codes, plumbing codes, electrical codes, and other specifications that builders must adhere to.

The materials they use, such as electrical products, windows, cement, and rebar, must meet stringent standards. If codes are not met, or short cuts are taken at any point, that high rise may not stand the test of time during an earthquake, fire, flood, crash, high winds, or inclement weather.

Building a website from scratch means that you must include all the elements to ensure your website’s success; these prerequisites are only applicable if your goal is to build an income-producing High-Value Virtual Property. If you intend to build a low-traffic blog or website, this is not for you!

Critical Elements To Income Producing Websites

  • 301 Redirections (Where Required)
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • About Us Page
  • Affiliate Disclosure (When Required)
  • Attractive Logo
  • Clear Call To Actions
  • Clear Identity
  • Correct Grammar
  • Easy Navigation
  • Easy To Find Contact Info
  • Easy To Read Text
  • Fast Loading Pages (Page Speed)
  • Great Titles & Meta
  • Images Crisp (No Pixelation)
  • Images Optimized
  • Internal Linking
  • Keyword Research
  • Meaningful Graphics
  • Memorable/Brandable/EMD Domain Name
  • Multi-Browser Compatible
  • Niche Research
  • No 404 Error Issues
  • No Broken Links
  • No Keyword Cannibalization
  • Off-Page SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Optimized For Mobile
  • Privacy Page
  • Relevant Content
  • Responsive Design
  • Site Branding
  • Site Favicon
  • Site Must Be Visually Appealing To Target Market
  • Site Security (SSL Certificate - HTTPS, not HTTP)
  • Sitemap
  • Terms of Use Page
  • Testimonials
  • Uncluttered Layout (Must Have White Space)
  • Usable Forms
  • Well-Constructed Pages

SEO Audits Are
The Secret Sauce

The multi-million-dollar question is, “How does one pull all of these elements together and check them off methodically and systematically?” The answer is SEO Audits! They are the secret sauce to online success.

SEO Audits are like building inspectors; they reveal what’s wrong, what’s right, what must be changed, and what can be improved on a website to improve your search engine results page performance.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the tools required to properly carry out an SEO Audit.

seo audit

SEO Tools of The Trade

An admission, we did our best to provide non-techie descriptions of these SEO tools and to keep the geeky lingo to a bare minimum. We realize that we have website investors who perform no SEO at all; consequently, they only seek an overview of this process; that stated, let’s dive in. Duly note: this list is not exhaustive; it only includes tools for building a website from scratch. You will need Off-Page SEO tools to build your backlink infrastructure.

Ahrefs started as a link-building tool and eventually expanded due to market demands. The top SEOers have this tool in their arsenal to reverse engineer their competitors. Ahrefs has other features such as Keyword Research, Domain Analysis, etc. If you are not using Ahrefs, you won’t be able to compete with the big dawgs.

Ahrefs started as a link-building tool and eventually expanded due to market demands. The top SEOers have this tool in their arsenal to reverse engineer their competitors. Ahrefs has other features such as Keyword Research, Domain Analysis, etc. If you are not using Ahrefs, you won’t be able to compete with the big dawgs.

This application started as a Keyword Research tool, and like Ahrefs, it evolved into much more. SEMRush now performs traffic analytics, has a link-building tool, performs site audits, and more. The differences between Ahrefs and SEMRush are the databases they pull their data from. That stated, you could go one or the other in a pinch, but the top-tier SEOers likely use both.

The Screaming Frog is a premier onsite SEO audit tool that analyses websites from top to bottom and details issues in an easy-to-follow format. Even though it is a desktop application, you would be hard-pressed to find a cloud-based tool that can match its output.

GSC is a MUST! It’s a monitoring system that helps troubleshoot issues your site may have in the eyes of Google. Think of it as a military radar that keeps an eye on potential problems. If you are not using GSC, you are in SEO darkness.

GA lets you see how people find and use your website. It is another critical tool that you cannot do without. And, just like GSC, if you are not using it, you are in SEO Darkness. You must know how people find your site and what they do once they land.

Google has gone beyond the blue link in the search results; they have now added images, carousels, and additional non-textual elements. Rich Snippets is an excellent way to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Online plagiarism is a huge issue and will always be. If you are using content providers to write your articles, blog posts, sales pages, landing pages, or any content, you use Copyscape to ensure that they have not plagiarized someone’s content and sold it to you.

Several tools on the market perform grammar and spelling checks. Whether you use Grammarly or one of the other tools, the point is making sure that your content makes sense to your readers.

The SERP Simulator boasts of being the most accurate SERP snippet generator on the market; we use it regularly, and we can confirm that it is. You want your snippets to conform to the Google standards at all times.

When we first started performing SEO, we used the All-In-One SEO plugin, then we switched to Yoast, and after careful analysis, we have switched to Rank Math Pro. It makes on-page SEO a breeze. Keep in mind; this plugin is for WordPress websites only.

Don't Let Your Domain Name Sink Your Dreams

After you find a profitable niche and the associated keywords, your next step is to find a domain name that embodies your new niche. Twenty-four years ago, finding the right domain name was a breeze; you typed in a name like Roses.com, and BAM, it was available, you paid the $10.00 registration fee and called it a day! Today, Roses.com will cost you around $850k to $1.8 million. These days, it is rare to find a High-Value Domain Name.

Due to the lack of availability of great domain names, finding a quality domain could take weeks if not more. The problem is – if you choose a poor domain name you will lose before you get started.

No one is going to type, ShopRemarkableFreshCutFlowers.com or Ceramic-Vases-and-Pottery.org. And what about the domain name seekers who did not understand that there is a doomsday category of domain names classified as, “Unintentional Inappropriate Domain Names?” Carefully examine these cringe worthy examples.

Unintentional Inappropriate Domain Names

When those websites launched, as you can imagine, many owners got drug through hell, thrown in a Tsunami, and then tossed into volcanic hot molten lava; DON’T make their mistakes. Choose your domain wisely!

The best way to find a great domain name is to use a Domain Name Broker or use several domain name software applications. Doing it manually will take forever. We don’t mention any particular software app because we currently manage over 10,000 domain names and use an assortment of applications to vet and acquire domain names. What you are looking for is one of these five types.

We advise clients to stay away from numeric or alphanumeric domains unless they are extremely high value.

Additionally, make sure the name is not banned by Google and was never tied to any link farm or had any connections to any spam operations or ties to any explicit websites. Remember, if you choose the wrong domain name, you lose before you get started!

Where Do You Go From Here?

Building a Website From Scratch

Start By Asking Yourself These Questions

Anyone can build a Low-Value Virtual Property, but are you prepared to build a Income Producing High-Value Virtual Property?

Meaning, are you prepared to cover all the elements? Are you prepared to perform niche research and keyword research at a high level? Are you prepared to learn and master all the required SEO tools?

Time Is Money

The balancing act between time versus money is made every second. How much money will you lose by taking the long route? $5k? $10k? $50k? $100k? Half a million or more?

The learning curve time stamp for building a Monetization Ready High-Value Virtual Property is roughly a year, and time is money! Are you willing to invest that time as opposed to launching your dream, TODAY?!

Time Is Money

You Are a Click Away
From Launching, NOW!

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