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You might not realize this, but many of today’s web hosting companies have downgraded themselves into becoming webHOLDING companies versus webhosting companies. Why? Because they know the statistics first publicly reported by Ahrefs, 90% of web pages receive zero traffic! Their scheme is simple; trim cost at all costs!

They accomplish this by advertising unlimited everything while simultaneously and dramatically reducing hosting resources. Furthermore, instead of hiring genuine tech support personnel, they hire unskilled, untrained, and underpaid workers from 2nd and 3rd world countries.

With so many webhosting companies adopting this awful template, the Internet world is calling for web hosts that deliver excellence, integrity, and honor! In enters, GoCloudBased.com! This hosting company can be the start of a new era in hosting.


Delivery In 7 Business Days

Monetization Strategies & Insights

In creating the vision for GoCloudBased.com, we looked at the most critical factors in ensuring a positive experience for the clients we service:

  1. They deserve dependable 99.9% uptime.
  2. They deserve accessible 24/7 technical support.
  3. They deserve a fast server to help you achieve a fast-loading website. 
  4. They deserve the actual server resources they paid for.
  5. They deserve to be treated with respect.

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Other Critical Elements Included

Website Layout Excel Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to develop your Digital Marketing Plan, build backlinks, and add more pages and posts to your new website.

When Will I Receive My Domain Name and Website?

GoCloudBased.com will be delivered in 7 Business days. Make sure that we have your Godaddy account to transfer the domain and your hosting account cPanel and WordPress login credentials.

Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

ClickMinded provided this Digital Marketing Strategy Guide; it sets the stage to help you to establish a rock solid plan to build your Internet Marketing Fortune, NOW!

SEO Masterclass

Mastering Google SEO is one of the most important keys to winning in online marketing. Once you understand what you are up against, and how to navigate the SERPs, ranking becomes a breeze. This SEO Masterclass is exactly what you need.

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